Saturday, November 25, 2017

Knickerbocker Flats

One of my favorite local trails follows the edge of oak woods on one side and open rolling meadow on the other, leads past the ruins of a gold rush era ranch and a walnut orchard, then down to a small reservoir. A couple of short steep hills had been leaving me breathless prior to my heart surgery about 6 weeks ago. Today I tested myself on them for the first time with my rebuilt heart (3-way bypass and aortic valve). All went well - no huffing and puffing, just joy at being alive and able to be out in the woods.

I took along my Sony A7ii - I feel naked without a camera over my shoulder. I punched some menu options to bring up the "painting" effect just for fun. Here are a few of the pics. You can click on an image to scroll through them at full screen.

Live oak leaves along the trail

Up one of the whoop-dee-do hills

Where a little life became another's meal

Winter's wind-swept grasses and a single white feather

Trees, meadow, and ancient orchard

Thistles along the fence line

Fine old oaks along the trail

Barbed wire and meadow

Down a hill and through a tunnel of trees

An often photographed group of oaks


  1. Great news about the successful surgery. Beautiful scenery and fresh air like that can only do your heart good! ;)

  2. Wonderful photos Tony, I do not quite know how you accomplish this but it looks for all the world , like a work of art.