Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Garden Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese esthetic that finds beauty in impermanence, change, and imperfection. The seasonal changes expressed in a fall garden can provide a strong wabi sabi immersion. The weathering of a garden's stone and wood, and the random activities of untended plants, also reflects that esthetic. Our brisk fall afternoon, breezy with a bright blue sky, drew me out into that lovely chaos with a camera.

The camera in this case is a Sony Nex-7. I like and use it because it incorporates the image quality of my big DSLR in the small body of a point-and-shoot. It includes some sophisticated modes, including one that combines three images taken in very quick succession with an HDR process, and adds a bit of warming and enhanced detail. A fun brush with which to splash the color and detail I found on my little adventure.


  1. What fabulous and peaceful chaos (:

  2. Very beautiful garden! It looks so pleasant, peaceful, serene, the perfect place to sit and think.
    Nice camera.

  3. That maple is a fine sight. Autumn must be lovely in California.

    HDR is a funny thing. It blended your dog into the fallen leaves.

  4. Lovely pictures. Curious, is the HDR sampling all done in-camera?

    1. Yes - in-camera. And hand-held in good light. It has this "pumped up" mode used here, as well as a straight HDR mode. Here's a good review. The best every-day, walk-around and most fun camera I've used.

  5. Such beautiful colours. I love these. Thanks a lot.

  6. Almost psychedelic detail + color. Neat!

  7. stunning as always tony. 50 years ago today i picked up my girlfriend at collage of marin and we drove in to golden gate park and the japanese tea garden. it was foggy and misty. we had tea and fed the ducks. it was a good place to be during that chaos.