Sunday, February 10, 2013

Well, we've done it again ...

Yep, abandoned our cozy home, after spending hours that could have been happily spent in the recliner, instead cramming the minimal necessities of life into a tin box on wheels, then spend 8 hours in an even smaller box pulling the thing down the highway, stopping frequently to replenish gallon upon gallon of apparently liquid gold. And to what end? To squeeze it in among row upon row of hundreds of other tin boxes and spend good money for the privilege. The privilege of hearing the neighbors (and our) dogs bark, children squealing, dune buggies rasping.

And you know what? We love it. Our lists of things to do have blown away somewhere on that 400 miles of highway. We have our books and our doggies, and a few steps away from the trailer is a dune from the top off which we watched the sun descend into the Pacific Ocean; descending through a clear sky except for a thin band of cloud just above the horizon, seemingly arranged just so the sun could burnish it with a bit of gold as an elegant signature to wrap up the day. Long naps in sunny, salty air have refreshed us. Tonight we'll tuck into a cozy bed, wake to coffee from Trader Joes, and head out to explore California's Central Coast.