Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Red Corona 4 and a Happy, Misty Morning

The red and whimsical Corona No. 4
A misty morning in the golden, rollin' hills of California
Nandina berries - flickers will eat them at first hint of ripeness

I like the sunlight glints on the tiny water drops on the blue fescue ...

... and the leaves of the Japanese maple.

The doggies impatience shows when i carry a camera on our walks ...

... but I can't resist stopping to play with shadow and color in the lower garden.

Across the street the "horse lady" enjoys the early sunshine and just watching her horses.

Up in back a fig leaf rests on a little pile of firewood...

... the blue frog peeks from the bergennia ...

... and a squirrel steals some bird seed.

Oh, yeah ... the garage. Prepare to be amazed by the transformation.


  1. Fantastic show of character in that Four. I wouldn't even think of fixing it :)

  2. Very nice Corona 4.

    You have too much room in the garage. The transformation will include using all remaining space for typewriters?

  3. It looks so beautiful in your neck of the woods!

    The work of the Corona brings to mind illuminated manuscripts with red initial letters on some words.

  4. At first I thought you were using red to highlight initial letters, like some of my teachers told us to do back in 7th grade. Mind you, back then I found that rather annoying, but now I find the effect very pleasing. And if that effect is created automatically by your typewriter, it's even more pleasing!

    I join the crowd, your place is fantastic!

  5. Fantastic photos, but I fear that red typewriter is radioactive!!!

  6. That typewriter is such a beauty! And I love the other photos too.

  7. I can guarantee that typewriter isn't likely to be radioactive. Now, if you have any Fiestaware.... all bets are off.