Friday, August 2, 2013

Tippa, T-Shirt, and Grandpa Toners

Grandpa Toners in his happy place sporting his new Corona 3 T-shirt, a Triumph Tippa, and a photo of granddaughter Hannah

My happy place is particularly cheerful today. Yesterday, while still in the afterglow of receiving that lovely Olympia SM-9, Another package arrived, which revealed, once the many layers of bubble wrap had been unwound, a lovely Triumph Tippa. Then yesterday's mail included a fine T-shirt featuring a red Corona No. 3 from the artist L A MarlerFinally, and best of all, this morning's email brought a note from a daughter in Colorado with a delightful photo of my dancer granddaughter Hannah, perched Tinkerbell-like on the edge of a kitchen counter reading the latest letter from Grandpa Toners.