Sunday, July 21, 2013

Two Down, Twelve to Go


  1. I find trees so hard to draw/paint. I really love the trees in the first painting.

    I found a Lettera 22 for a few bucks myself because of that exact problem. I'm going to pass it on to somebody else now that I've fixed it. (It was just calling to be fixed, even though I knew I didn't need another)

    For the caps, either something is blocking the segment from going all the way down, or else you need to adjust the little screw/nut on it to let it lower all the way. I'm not exactly sure where it is on the Lettera 22. But It seems more likely that something is blocking it. Good luck!

  2. Nick, the improvement in the trees is thanks to the internet; I just typed in, "watercolor trees", and got tips for mixing three shades of green. Another tip was to make sure the branches exposed through foliage make sense, i.e., are continuous with the main ones further down. Seems obvious, but. More improvement is hopefully in the works; the foliage in the Dodge painting was just sort of dabbled on. For the next try, I'll make more effort to have those shapes make more sense with respect to the location of the branches.

    I did find the adjustment, or at least the stop, that controls the vertical travel of the carriage when the shift key is pressed, but can't see how to access it for adjustment. Good tip on something blocking the travel - I'll look for that next.

    Restoring and passing on typewriters is great way to keep them alive. It's also a great way to experience the fun of the hunt and the workbench fun without then trying to find more room in the closet.

  3. Gorgeous illustrations. And excellent work on fixing the L22.