Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Typecasting with Double Agent Norm


  1. Gorgeous machine with a mysterious keyboard.

    Welcome to the typosphere!

  2. Great first typecast! And the basic purpose of typecasting is to have a reason to type something on your wonderful machine instead of sitting inside at your computer. At least that's the basic reason I do it. :D

    oooh, and also a reason to show off your pretty machines to the world!

  3. It is a beautiful machine. Absolutely wonderful.

    You're right about the Brit keyboard. It even has all the fraction keys for the pre-decimalization currency.

    Interestingly, NAZI germany produced a considerable amount of counterfeit British currency during the war, most of which was never used. But after the war the UK decided to change its banknotes.

    The US Strategic Bombing Survey is online somewhere. The RAF reports should be obtainable. Details of the bombing of Nuremberg should be able to be found in English. Seidel & Naumann, makers of Erika, were in Dresden and got bombed.