Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hike 2013-02

January 6, 2013
2.5 Miles

Rain in and out. But gotta try my new pedometer. I sprung for it because I thought it would get me walking. It worked. I plugged in an audiobook and headed out into the wilderness of our community. Two and a half miles counts as a hike if I say so. And there are the hazards of walking on a road with traffic - I swear I saw two cars. And then possibly needing to duck balls while traversing the golf course. And always the possibility of encountering wild creatures on those "wilderness" trails behind the back yards.

Well, I did hear a dog bark once - sounded like a big one.

Does a round on the links count as a hike? It does if I say it does ...

I plunge into the wilderness ...

I know Robin and his Merry Men were hiding behind these oaks and boulders ...

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  1. Hum, Ok, 2.5 mi is considered a walk in the city. When you way 5-10 miles, then we can use the term "hiked." Happy New Year, Tony