Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Nice Little Gallery

I dropped off five photographs at the Art on the Divide Gallery today. They will go on display once we complete the monthly "hanging" the end of this month. Note the "we". I'm already feeling part of this kind and creative group. I took a few photos to show how well-displayed the works are, and the variety, from jewelry to pottery to large metal sculptures. Oh, and some great photos, too.

The hills of the foothills are just beginning to green up. Soon the oaks will leaf out, and we will be launched into our best season. Come up and see us. From I-80 at Auburn, head south on Hwy 49. Take it easy and enjoy the vistas of the American River Canyon on the six-mile stretch to the town of Cool.Take a left in the heart of town (you will know you are there because of the stop sign), and head out Hwy 193 for another 12 miles of serene rolling oak woodlands dotted with barns and grazing critters to Georgetown. You will love historic Georgetown. It's, like, "beyond Cool". Down the street from the gallery there is an antique shop where you can get lost in annexes filled with books and other treasures. Lots of places to eat and drink, too.

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