Monday, March 19, 2012

Hike No. 10 - Odd weather at Cronan Ranch ... very odd

March 19, 2012
4.5 Miles

It had been sunny in the morning. But by the time I got enough of the to-do list checked off to assuage  the guilt of going for a ramble they were darkening. Foreboding, like. Eerie light and odd colors. It was as if I had stepped into a parallel universe where the light, or my perception of it, reacted to my brain waves. Maybe I hadn't drunk enough water. Thankfully everything returned to normal once I had looped back to the parking lot and slumped into the seat of our Explorer.

One of the ancient oaks between Cool and Pilot Hill

Oaks near Cool

Goldfinch, pondering the odd weather

I love the copses of oaks, like this one ...

... and this one

Sandhill Cranes on another ordinary epic adventure

Mule Ears

Journeys are best with company, whether down the river, or through life

Kayakers head down the SF American River

Cronan Ranch cow camp

Images captured via Lumix GH2 and processed minimally in Lightroom 4, and to 11 in Nik Color Efex Pro

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