Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Psychological Care

This post is provided to explain a possible gap in future posts by Tony Mindling, the author of this blog. It includes a copy of a letter from a clinical psychologist that may have been (or may not have been) sent to Mr. Mindling's son, Eric. Note that clicking on the images will provide a larger, more readable version.


  1. Uh oh! We're all about to get a new syndrome named after us: typospheropsychosis!

  2. Something tells me the typewriter 's only reminder of its flight is a slight scratch on the typebar cover finish. The old computers, on the other hand...

    Sounds like the doc was describing me... particularly the part about "squirreling away" the objects of my obsession...

    Re Richard: how about "typomaniac disorder"? or "TDD, Typewriter Deficit Disorder?"

  3. Just imagine, the money Eric paid for your bail could have been spent on at least a couple more typewriters!

  4. OH DEAR, the doc's letter is truly very worrisome - it clearly describes a typewriter enthusiast I know living in *ahem* Top End Australia.
    Perhaps it's time to build a granny flat for all the typerkids to live in.

  5. The important question is "did you walk out with that Salvation Army portable?"

    did you get it? huh? DID YOU?!? {salivate}

    1. What with that scratch on the spacebar I let the other guy have the thing. Besides, by then they were hauling me out the door in the butterfly net anyhow.

  6. Now, did you explain to the chap that the typewriter at the Salvoes had a Epoca typeface? He might have understood.

  7. In the aquarium hobby we call it "MTS" or "Multi Tank Sydrome" when you suddenly (it always is a surprise! really, it is!) have 3 or more aquaria standing around the house.

    I surely hope you don't have to dispose all of your typewriters! Maybe, just maybe, only sell a couple on Etsy?