Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's A Beaut - Olympia SM-9


  1. Yep, I never seem to have to do anything to Olys either, unless they've been severely mistreated. One SM9 I found sans suitcase, shell-gouged and subjected to days of lower-shelf thrift store child mishandling, had little wrong with it except a soft left margin. That machine can now be seen in the CTP's arsenal, where it withstands daily classroom use with great grace and beauty. (:

  2. Ah yes...I'm so happy you now have one of your own. Without a scale to compare it to, it's hard to tell whether this is elite or pica. But, with the picture of the paper scale provided, I can see that it is pica. An elite SM9 with count up to 90, while pica will only go to 80. And, you have their 'old' pica; the same typeface that would have been seen on their first lines of portables. It's surprising to find this typeface with the newer body style, which leads me to believe that both of their pica typefaces were offered at the same time during later production.


    I hope you'll use it in your next letter. Yours will be in the mail next week!

  3. Thanks for the kind and interesting comments, Ted and Ken. I'm realizing that, what with the typeface and model-sequencing knowledge out there among Typospherians, that a post about a particular machine should also include the full database type sample. I'll be gettin' to that ...

  4. Good afternoon.

    What is the difference between Sm and Sg models Olympia typewriters?
    Do Olympia Sm are perfect for writing several hours without suffering pain in his hands as with Hermes?

    A good blog yours.

    A greeting and thank you from Spain.