Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yucca and Leaf

I saw this leaf perched on the neighbor's yucca as I pulled into our driveway yesterday afternoon. I happened to be carrying my Canon G9 in the car, as well as the idea of seeing potential images close to home in my head. I liked the contrast in colors and textures. To keep it in focus I held the camera parallel to the leaf. It also helps that the small sensor of the G9 has a huge depth of field, so that even at an aperture of f3.2 the leaf as well as a good number of those nice thorns on the yucca were held in focus. I tried several angles, rotating the camera to get the yucca leaf across the diagonal of the frame. Sunlight glare made it difficult to see the LCD, and I had a feeling I was framing too tight. So I backed off a touch, then cropped a bit in Lightroom. Thank goodness for digital, and the freedom to try several angles and variations when you have a subject with possibilities.

In Lightroom I also boosted the contrast a bit with the curves control, and played a bit with the clarity and vibrance sliders. With a different camera I would have used selective focus to isolate the leaf from the background. Because of the G9's depth of field, instead I added a bit of vignetting to make the leaf stand out more dramatically.

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